Mannheimia haemolytica and Pasteurella multocida are the major BRD pathogens associated with bacterial pneumonia in 75% of BRD cases.1 With RESPISHIELD® HM, you can help shield your cattle from the costly effects of both pathogens.

  • In a study from 2007, RESPISHIELD HM was proven to reduce pneumonic lung tissue by 59%, mortality by 90% and depression by 57% against unvaccinated controls.2
  • Formulated with our unique TANDEMTM M adjuvant that keeps antigens in suspension, releases them over time and stimulates enhanced immunity.
  • Approved for all stages of production.3
  • Offers convenient single-dose immunity with ready-to-use preparation (no hydration), available in a 2 mL subcutaneous injection.3
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